"A new generation of provision production"

Feeding carousel

Increased earning for pig farmers
A feeding robot is an advanced feeding carousel for producing pigs

The feeding carousel gives for an example the possibility to:

  • Automatic feeding
  • Individual feeding
  • Monitoring of one and each animal
  • Computer controlled separation

A feeding carousel secures the pig farmer:

  • Increased earning
  • Increased animal welfare
  • Decreased need for manpower

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The ultimate food item security from "land to table"

The MMI server gives in connection with the feeding carousel the possibility to ensure the trace ability from the abattoir back to the individual animal via the electronic RFID tag which has followed the animal from birth.

The MMI server can for an example document the following data for each animal:

  • Breeding data
  • Feed intake
  • Use of medicine
  • Transportation of animals
  • Data of each slaughtered pig

Learn more about the possibilities for the industry as well as the consumer by using the MMI server.